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Cortex-A9 browsing example

Cortex-A9 browsing example
Generalkidd : I know your comment was a year ago, but now that Intel has finally made a real mobile-ready Atom chip, like the Z2760 Clover Trail, a Dual-Core Intel Atom chip easily tops any quad-core ARM chip. Intel hasn't even begun release quad-core Atom chips and already Atom is faster. Plus, the single core Atom chip used in smartphones is just as fast as a quad-core ARM chip. Not faster, but just as fast using only a single core with hyper threading.
Alan Robertson : Thanks Eric, for a very informative demonstration of a Cortex-A9 in real world situations.

You certainly left the best bit till last. The clock speed vs performance is astounding.

CES 2010 is going to be an amazing show for ARM.
igorsova : Indeed, it is different, but I suspect, it's only beginning, and in very near future we're likely to see much more different and more complex hardware designs and software architectures, and yes, it does look that probably, it will be ARM. :)

As for me, I'd love to see hardware and software architectures that will allow future applications to run on their own micro-OS, regardless of type of main user OS.

p.s. I did look into SoC, thank you.
Chuck Marcelo Dube : Thanks for the warning although I don't recall any Atom chips in any cell phones.

By the way,the same argument was made against running any applications on cellphones because cellphones were suppose to be for voice, So much for that theory.
Cybertronic : Hurray for technological advancements! Its a never ending battle of catchup one tech is good for awhile and then surpassed, then the other tech catches up and surpasses it. I really am looking forward to future advancements, I am still impressed with my Galaxy S3 which is faster than my EEEPC 1000HE, but those two are separated by at least two whole generations. Nice to know about the new atom, but moot point for two completely different chips from a year ago.

WTF is ARM Cortex A15 (vs Cortex A9)? - CHIP WARS 10

CHIP WARS 10 - ARM Cortex A15 Explained

This 10th EPISODE of CHIP WARS explains the 3rd Generation ARM Cortex A-series chips by reviewing how far mobile chip technology has advanced over the past 5 years (Cortex A8 to the Cortex A9 and now the Cortex A15) to set the stage for where it might go in 2013.

Why is a SoC so important?
What's a System-on-a-Chip (SoC)?
What is Moore's Law?
Will this be the year Intel show's its hand in the mobile chip industry?
Where is ARM aiming its processors in the future?

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CHIP WARS Playlist:

THANK YOU ARM, Anandtech, Wgsimon, and Wikipedia

Sound Credits: ARM

txmoney : Love going back to videos like, nearly a year later to see how fast the technologies have evolved. Today, the Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800 and apple A7X soc's are at the high end of ARM. And Intel's latest Atom chip, Bay Trail, looks to better compete in the mobile chip wars.
Cesar R. : Very interesting.

In 2011 Apple stated that their long term plan, was to eventually replace Intel with ARM CPUs for their entire Mac lineup.
txmoney : 2014 will be a good year in the chip wars. Can't wait to see the sleeping giant, intel, jump into the mobile sector in a big way with their new chip designs.
Aditya Sharma : Nice video man....
Keep them coming.Cant wait to see the episode #14 about the snapdragon 800.They will be the best of the bestAlso about talking about CES and qualcom you should have mentioned the hilarious qualcom's press event.That was the most unpredictable and hilarious conference I have ever seen. xP xD
Peter Metroid : Awesome! As always I am very happy to see an interesting video from you in my youtubefeed! Thanks for the great videos and please let them coming!

anycast cortex A9 1 2GHz 256M DDR free APP miracast airplay dongle airplay dlna instruction video

Anycast M2Plus wifi display dongle support miracast dlna airplay airplay mirror .hardware content Rockchip RK2928 cortex-A9 1.2G Hz CPU,256MB DDR3,no need install App/Apk in your phone pad,One touch swtich miracast to DLNA,one Touch share media to TV projector,easier than chromecast ezcast.
Zubin Gulati : Good Job Cindy! Keep up the good work! Thanks to your tutorial I have my Anycast M2 Plus hooked up to tablets, phones, router and laptops ( Windows 8.1 Phone , Android, Windows 10 Phone, Windows 10, Ubuntu, DSL,Sailfish, even a DLNA Symbian and Meego phone;) Keep making world class products
Wagner Yoshdida : Hello. Is there any link to download (manually) the firmware for anycast M2?
Ahmed Badee : Hi
1. Why don't you have an official website for your product?
2. I bought AnyCast M2 with firmware 3.15.01 and I was able to stream MP4s to it from my laptop via vGet Cast (DLNA controller) extension for Google Chrome, but after a couple of weeks it stopped playing videos!
3. Now, I'm getting a message says a new update is available 3.50 and also there's a firmware error and I might try to reboot and download again! I rebooted, but nothing changed! Plus, the web interface is so poor and I know no way to update or to make it work anymore!
What's the problem and what should I do?
anino207 : The firmware update always errors on mine. Anyone knows a solution? I this is cheap but so far it's working fine on mine :)
Totumfacky : Is there any firmware update for this device? I got "your high-definition digital display device did not supply the required identification data edid"




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