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Brawl Stars deutsch
In diesem Video zeige ich euch das neue Brawl Stars Juli Update genauer mit den neuen Skins, dem neuen Brawler Surge, Brawl Pass, Neuer Modus und vieles mehr!


Synchronsprecher Intro:
notSMart 64 : Heftig!
Marie Burchardt : Der nita app ?safe
Cristian Raduta : Muss Mann sich den brawlpass noch ein mal kaufen???
Felix Krull : gönnt euch mal Shellys range
Apfelkuchen Gesicht : Hat am anfang von 0:12 - 0:17 DerBoyRayda geredet ?
Noah Wilkens : Was heißt die Enthüllung?
David Klimmer : Muss man den Prolbas noch mal kaufen ❓kannst du mich grüßen Daumen hoch das er es sieht
Volker Polster : Wie viel kostet der Bral Pass
alex postiga : Bei jeden like füge ich ein Surge hinzu.
Hanna Plankensteiner : das letzte Update war schon so SCHEIßEEEE

7NEWS Update Saturday, June 27: Another COVID-19 spike in Victoria; more bank assistance | 7NEWS

Victoria has recorded its highest number of COVID-19 cases in nearly three months, with 41 new cases confirmed; the loan repayment freeze is likely to be extended beyond September, as treasurer Josh Frydenberg insists the big four banks will support customers post-pandemic; and Australians witness Scottish stabbing rampage.

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Ke Ma : I live in Melbourne Victoria!
T Blue : We don't care anymore. It is the flu. How many people died of cancer today? Do we have minute by minute updates for cancer?
D D : Why test for guarantee not composory? That's ridiculous.!
John Oneill : of course .. nothing to do with the HUGE PACK OF BLM 'protesters' allowed to flout the rules...this is just the tip of the ice berg
vette 63 : Blaming overseas returns & completely forgetting the selfish BLM protesters who put everyone at risk. Oh I forgot, your protest reason made you immuned from the virus. Haven't seen a politician with the intestinal fortitude to say where the blame really lies.
Baden Johnson : Distrust your government
SquishyMarshme11ow : Why the hell they would refuse a COVID test? It’ll help you know not to spread it to others,
N why? : :o they up the testing, and some how more cases are found :o
Belgas 313 : ☢?☢???????☢?☢
reality check : Get a grip! Highlighting the BS stats to fit the rhetoric, these people are asymptomatic. 0.3% testing positive, doesn't mean they are dying or in hospital. Advertising fear to control the populace




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