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Almost Perfect - Corsair HS50 Review

The HS50 from Corsair is a very simple looking headset. But for everyhing you get at only R800 or $50 it certainly has a lot of potensial.


You can Go Buy it here


US - https://amzn.to/2GZPtiv
UK - https://amzn.to/2quPcxg
CA - https://amzn.to/2YXtqRW


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Jamarion Smith : How do I plug it in my ps4
Lil_ Ashy : Is this good for ps4 I’m going to use the blue yeti then plug these into blue yeti
Babs Milante : Thanks for the awesome review! Definitely buying this one. Thanks!
filnn : Dude, sad about Rebel Tech :(
Brixus XVIII : Damn that’s an ugly pair of headphones. I’m buying the Razer Kraken TE instead.
CrAAzY : These are like 40-50$ on ebay or amazon but in my country i paid them 100$ and tbh the mic sound is very bad, tried every possible way to make it even a little better but nothing helped, my friends while on discord say that when i speak it sounds like im in a small can and theres distortion/static sound, pretty sure its not broken but very poorly made if you have the money just go for hyper x cloud 2 or razer kraken trust me
Lam Kim : The sound is really good▷️▶️>JustU.Faith/Corsair-Headset?ӊә Surround sound isn’t so great, sounds a little bit dull but the stereo is great. The mic is incredibly clear and sounds nice. They’re very comfortable as well. Only complaint is it at times picks up keyboard and mouse noises easily, and your mic might pick up game audio, if it is too loud as well. Still, overall very good for the price, highly recommended.
danmiles180 : I'm thinking of getting a new headset wich one would you say is better this or the razer kraken 2019
JakarandaPandaman : Why do South African streamers feel the need to put on this weird American accent? Good review, but please drop that accent
Ali Faromadi : Guys Help Me.. MY HS50 sorround not working or I should setup something

MIND BLOWING!....AND ONLY $50! : Corsair HS50 Headset REVIEW

Buy Them Here: https://amzn.to/2MeERys

So these have so much to offer for a gaming headset that is only $50. Can they be the new king of $50 headsets......could they even be the best pair of headphones to buy for $50? Enjoy!

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Robert Gamez : I heard there is a new sheriff in town ...I haven't seen this excited for pair of 50 dollars headset since hyper X stinger
Zihadul Haque : amazing amazing amazing its all I heard in this video, -_-
Gvjr Gaming : My mic doesn't work on my ps4
Behn Terrell : how would you compare these to the audiotechnica m40x?
Behn Terrell : I am impressed watching this video! It is 2yr old tho. Is this still your recommendation in this price range gamesky?
ThonkSmartTM : do not buy this it sucks unless if you want to suffer from equalizers and bass accessories
Lou Jay : Is this better than cloud stinger?
Louxgarou _ : I got these but my PC dosent even detect them at all. No trace of them
WU : It's not working like when im trying to talk to my friends it won't work
ruedsaar : Do you want them to charge more?

Best Gaming Headset Under $50! : Corsair HS50 Pro (2019) REVIEW

Buy It Here: https://amzn.to/2qBE4lS
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Corsair decided to make improvements on an already incredible gaming headset that was one of the best for $50. On top of that, they kept it at the same price....is change a good thing? Enjoy!

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#Corsair #HS50Pro #BestBudget
Kazi Ajwad Islam : Corsair hs50 or hp omen 800 .PLSSSSSS ANSWER ASAP. PLS I BEG YOU
Atu Ni : this or the stinger?
iTECHENSTIEN : really helpfull
thank you
TXC CARNAGE : "we have now reached a cruising altitude, you may now remove your seat belts"
Cardinal Biggles : What a terrible mic. Cheap & nasty.
Nirupam Prangan : Corsair hs50 pro or Razer kraken x?
Joezwinger : whats the diff b/w hs50 and hs50 PRO
Vansh Gautam : Please do a review on JBL quantum 300 Vs Corsair hs 50 pro
JJ Cornelio : Better than cloud stinger?
this man : Does the colors make any difference or not




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