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서울 동작구 사당동 147-48

이수역(4, 7호선) 8번출구
*매장방문 및 구매
*전화상담 및 주문

AM 10:00~PM 7:30

MBT | Finding the right level of MBT shoes for your needs, MBT Index

Understanding MBT® Index simplifies the process of finding the right level of MBT® shoe for your needs. MBT® Index categorized shoes into three categories, starting from Activate, our least level of rock, and progressing through Dynamic and ending with our highest level of rock, Performance. The MBT® Pivot Axis is the unique and functional part of the midsole underneath the foot and is the key element to the active rolling movement of each step. When the Pivot Axis is combined with the MBT® SensorTechnology™, The interplay produces what has been described as the felling of walking on a sandy beach. Experience how the patented rocker shoe technology can benefit you!

MBT®, the original physiological footwear brand. Pioneer of Rocker Shoe Technology since 1996. Masai inspired, Swiss Innovated.

MBT® shoes are based on the study of biomechanics and natural stability to create the footwear that combines a balance of function and style with its patented construction.

It activates neglected muscles, improves posture and gait, reduce stress on knees and hip joints.

Shop MBT® online: https://www.mbt.com

Like and follow us for updates:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/MBTinternational
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mbtglobal
niki dominikus : where can i buy it in Melbourne Australia?
bambang jinangkung : wow..
Fisher Man : Too bad MBT has horrendous customer service. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!
Pricilla Window : I suffer from joint pain. I have tried MBT shose.They r excellent. I am looking for their site. Did they close the factory?
Fisher Man :  @Pricilla Window  It sure looks like it. Even the few pairs that are on Amazon seem to be dwindling. Be careful, there are fake MTB sites out there that will just steal your money and your information.

2021 여자 운동화 총정리! 러닝화부터 워킹화 추천! (나이키/아디다스/뉴발란스/스케쳐스)

#아트닷컴 #ABC마트 #그랜드스테이지 #운동화 #추천

안녕하세요! 여러분~~ 지난번 러닝화 추천 영상 남성편 재밌게 보셨나요?
재밌으셨다구요??? 오 노우 여성편이 더 재미있다고 소문날 예정이라구요!!헤헤
러닝화, 워킹화 추천 영상 지금 같이 보러 가실까요??
좋아요 눌러주면 안잡아먹지~~ 어흥

영상에 나온 신발 만나보기 : https://bit.ly/3sIrTyM

아트TV by ABC 키즈마트 유튜브 : https://www.youtube.com/c/sinbal
아트TV by ABC마트 인스타그램 : https://www.instagram.com/abcmart_art_tv
홍지연 : 군대 가면 상관들한테 이쁨 받겠어요^^
금촉 : 목소리 너무 하이 ㅠㅠㅠ
바나나빵 : 귀여워요옹 ❤️ 도움 많이 되었습니다 ! 감사합니다 ~~
crystal cho : 저는 걷거나 서있거나 발바닥이 많이아픈데 족저근막염은 아니구요. 저는 평생 무조건 쿠션화를 신어야하나요? 스케쳐스고런ㆍ호카본디가 저한테 좋긴하더라구요. 발이 안아픈사람이 추천하는 편한신발이 저한테는 무용지물이네요
Queen Kong : 한번 런닝을 할때 2-3시간 정도 뛰고 걷고하는데 제가 발목도 약하고 무릎이 안좋거든요~ 역간 평발이기두하고.. 혹시
쿠셔닝도 좋고 접지력?도 좋고 가벼운 런닝화 10만원정도 선에서 추천 받을 수 있을까요..? ㅠ 여러 영상을 봐두 선택이 어려워 이렇게 도움을 부탁드려봅니다..


#mbt 운동화


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