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Scared to Death | The Legend Of Moll Dyer

"She could go in there, she told herself. She could go in there and see what was happening…. Angela got up and crept out to the hall. Standing in front of her daughter's door, she heard something… It was almost two in the morning.

And then she heard it more clearly - a low, heavy chanting. And then that same laugh, the laugh from before. Angela felt sick all of a sudden.

Some sweat slipped down Angela’s back. She reached out her hand to open the door and as she curled her fingers around the doorknob, she abruptly withdrew them - the doorknob was red hot. She stifled her scream. "

Do you know the legend of Moll Dyer, the inspiration for The Blair Witch Project? Moll was “an old hag,” according to folklorists, who lived in a ramshackle home. Something about her terrified the local people - her uncommon height, her uncomfortably intense, piercing eyes.
Locals thought she was a witch. Was she? Or just another victim of paranoid persecution? After experiencing Moll Dyer, stick around to explore the ghost ships that show up on the coast of Japan every year. We’ve talked about ghost ships on Scared to Death before.
Even skeptics who don’t believe in ghost ships, who find a ship’s crew completely missing or a ship showing up with a dead crew, to be pretty unsettling. So much of the vast oceans of the world are still unexplored - and often so empty - so devoid of human life.
You can easily end up being the only person around, nothing on the horizon for as far as the eye can see. What is happening on the coast of the Ichikawa Prefecture?

Lynze has a tale this week that is beyond scary. A story about the lamp postman. Who is he? What is he doing out there, just standing there in the night? When Meg pulls into the driveway late at night, should she make a run for the back door, while he watches or should she circle the block and see if he goes away? What will Meg do? In Lynze's second tale, we travel to La Jolla, CA to go for a deep-sea dive. It's not what might be lurking in the dark waters that you should fear but rather who? When three divers go down but only two come out of the water, you will wonder what happened to diver number three. 

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Video/Audio by Bad Magic Productions
Additional music production by Zach Cohen
Additional music production by Jeffrey Montoya
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Opening Sumerian protection spell (adapted at the end to fit the podcast):
"Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no home… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a demon or a ghoul… Whatever thou be until thou art removed… thou shalt find here no water to drink… Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand to our own… Into our house enter thou not. Through our fence, breakthrough thou not… we are protected though we may be frightened. Our life you may not steal, though we may feel SCARED TO DEATH.”
Christina Penrose : For the record, I thoroughly enjoyed the Polish joke referred to as a “dad joke” after Dan’s second story. Damn funny. Bless him, Dan never disappoints!
Ckurz 48 : Yes Lindsey as a female always have eyes behind our backs. My daughter is about to be 16, bought her pepper spray and looking into a taser. Literally terrified and always telling her be aware of your surroundings etc.
Alex Pancheri : The first listener story reminds me of an experience I had where I used to live. For reference, I am a 5'11" male, and maybe 240lbs. I used to live in a pretty boring suburban neighborhood in Northern Indiana, where nothing odd or bad really happened. One night around midnight, I couldn't sleep, and decided to take a walk to clear my head and hopefully tire myself out a bit. Of course, walking alone, I was always listening for other footsteps, and even laughed at myself for it. Eventually, though, I heard other footsteps. I was near an elementary school, and took a look, checking the shadows in the corners, etc. As I was about to continue walking, I saw him. There was a man hiding in one of the corners, obviously trying not to be seen. He was looking my way, and when he saw me notice , started coming my way quickly. I was stunned for a second, but being the person I am (not overly paranoid, but try to be prepared for things), was carrying. With the guy maybe 30 feet away, pulled my gun from my holster and held it at my side. I remember the guy stopping, staring me up and down, as if trying to see if I would actually use it, and just stood there. I backed up another 30 or 40 feet, and waited for him to leave. I stood by the school until the guy was completely out of sight, and I took a long route home. I left all of the lights on in the house that night, but luckily never saw the guy again. I'm glad I had protection with me that night, but equally glad I didn't have to use it.
Lisa Foote : Dan's intro reminds me of why "Ghost Ship" is an extremely underrated movie. One of my favs to include in my spooky marathons
Bad Wolf : Absolutely love your podcast found it yesterday and now I'm binge listening at work. You pick out great stories and you both a joy to listen to, your great story tellers. I'll have to send in my paranormal stories.

DUR-Tonleiter und MOLL-Tonleiter - einfach verstehen!

❗️➡️MusikDurchblick unterstützen :

Die meisten Lieder unserer westlichen Musikkultur - ob in Klassik, Rock, Pop oder Jazz - basieren auf zwei verschiednen Tonleitern. Du hast bestimmt schon einmal von der Dur- und Molltonleiter gehört, oder?! In diesem Video erfährst du mehr über die beiden Tonleitern und ich zeige dir, wie du diese im Notensystem notieren und auf dem Klavier in allen Tonarten spielen kannst.

Mit "MusikDurchblick" hast du den ultimativen Guide um Musiktheorie erfolgreich zu verstehen. Bist du musikbegeistert, spielst ein Instrument oder möchtest einfach nur mehr über einfache oder auch komplexere musikalische Zusammenhänge erfahren? Dann bist du hier genau richtig!
Wir bieten dir wöchentlich neuen Input und Tipps zu unseren Themen um dein musikalisches Wissen auf das nächste Level zu bringen.

Hier findest du die Vorzeichen für alle Tonarten:

C-Dur | A-Moll: keine Vorzeichen

F-Dur | D-Moll: 1 b
Bb-Dur | G-Moll: 2 b
Eb-Dur | C-Moll: 3 b
Ab-Dur | F-Moll: 4 b
Db-Dur | Bb-Moll: 5 b
Gb-Dur | Eb-Moll: 6 b

G-Dur | E-Moll: 1 #
D-Dur | H-Moll: 2 #
A-Dur | F#-Moll: 3 #
E-Dur | C#-Moll: 4 #
H-Dur | G#-Moll: 4 #
F#-Dur | D#-Moll: 6 #

-----Noch mehr Videos-----
Alle Videos:

Vorzeichen vs. Versetzungszeichen:

Das Notensystem:

Die Rhythmuspyramide:




Schneller Noten lesen:

Taktarten und Taktstriche setzen:

Halb- und Ganztöne:

Pausen in der Musik - Pausenwerte:

Noten verlängern - Haltebogen und Punktierung:

Intervalle 1 - BASICS:

Intervalle 2 - große und kleine Intervalle: In diesem Video behandeln wir große und kleine

-----Social Media-----

Die Entstehung dieses Werks wurde durch ein Stipendium der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen ermöglicht.
MusikDurchblick : Noch mehr passende Videos zu diesem Thema:
Some_dude_lol Idk : Perfekt, morgen habe ich nen Test und ich habe das was meine Lehrerin in 6 Wochen nicht rüber bringen konnte in 9min gelernt
Pappy_ Gl!tch : Supi,
Ich habe im Unterricht nichts verstanden! Aber so ist es viel leichter! Nochmal danke
nai v : Scheinbar bin ich der Einzige, der hier lang nach der schulischen Laufbahn vorbeischaut :D
Trotzdem extrem gut erklärt, vielen Dank! Bringt mich extrem weiter in meinem musikalischen Selbststudium!
LIL 70X1C : Ich Danke vielmals für die sehr verständliche und unkomplizierte Erklärung. Direkt abonniert, so einen Kanal wie diesen suche ich schon seit Ewigkeiten ^^

Max Bruch: Violinkonzert Nr. 1 g-Moll mit María Dueñas | NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester

18 Jahre jung und schon als neuer Stern am Geigenhimmel gehandelt: Die Spanierin María Dueñas gibt mit Max Bruchs berühmten Violinkonzert ihr Debüt beim NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester - ohne Publikum im Saal, aber dafür im Livestream. Am Pult steht Manfred Honeck. Ein Konzertmitschnitt aus der Elbphilharmonie Hamburg vom 25. März 2021.

Violinkonzert Nr. 1 g-Moll op. 26
I. Vorspiel. Allegro moderato 1:05
II. Adagio 9:50
III. Finale. Allegro energico 18:45

Caprice No. 5 26:43

María Dueñas, Violine
Manfred Honeck, Dirigent
NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester

Konzertmitschnitt vom 25. März 2021, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg


#ndrelbphilharmonieorchester​ ​ #mariaduenas #manfredhoneck
Jim Nicholls : She is the most confident young violinist that I've seen. And there's a reason for her confidence - she's in complete command of her instrument and of the music, and knows exactly what she's doing. And of course she's doing it remarkably well! I wonder if Paganini ever played that caprice better himself?
R Torresj : Bravo María! Un privilegio oírte y verte tocar. Pasión, fuerza, sentimiento y una maravillosa técnica. Un placer como siempre y bien acompañada por la orquesta y su director.
luis angel vargas : Tremendo futuro le espera a esta muchacha, cada pieza que toca es una alegría, bravo por ella, España y la juventud del mundo.
Jamshed Delvadavala : Magnificent! The finest interpretation of this richly romantic concerto. Requires not just technical mastery, which she has in great abundance, but also a deep artistic comprehension of the work! Fabulously expressive, beautifully controlled dynamics, elegant bowing! The architectural splendor of the piece richly revealed!
Young lady, you'll go places!
Your Paganini caprice is a veritable masterpiece!
You have a 73 year old admirer
in India!
Thank you for the post!
Jamshed K Delvadavala
JO B : This girl is like a storm on the stage, nothing seen before in many years, maybe since the young Vengerov. Undoubtely the violin star of the century!




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